Mallika involves Hollywood for KISMAT LOVE PAISA DILLI:

sexy Hot malika

It’s nothing new reading about Bollywood stars attempting to make it in Hollywood and temporarily relocating to the west. However Bollywood’s unofficial ambassador to Hollywood, Mallika Sherawat is not content with just going over there, she’s doing her bit to get Hollywood here.

A source from Invincible Entertainment, makers of KISMAT LOVE PAISA DILLI (KLPD) informs us that International Makeup artist Jeffrey Paul Ames has been roped in on Mallika’s suggestion to do her make up in the film. The source goes on to add that it was Paul who did make up for Mallika’s red carpet appearance at this year’s Oscars that won her several accolades from her sternest fashion critics, and when Mallika was consulted by Producer Amit Chandrra, about who she would prefer for the jobs she suggested Jeffrey’s name. On looking at the pictures from the Oscars red carpet Amit had no doubts that Jeffrey will be the right person to give Mallika the look that is required for the role.

malika & jacky

Apparently it is not only the makeup department that is being outsourced from the west but also Hollywood technicians are being signed on for the high octane action and stunt sequences in the film. The film that would be shot in Delhi would have Vivek Oberoi starring opposite Mallika where she would be seen playing a Haryanvi girl with Vivek playing a typical middle class Punjabi Munda. Sources close to Invincible Entertainment reveal that the makeup artist would be charging highly per day.



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