Learn Google Adwords – PPC

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Pay Pr Click Tutorial – Google Adwords


hotspot websites

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Hotspot website:

What do you understand by hotspot website?

Well today the website in the growing say of exposing or exploring or sharing or marketing the products and views.

As we know that the website are of two types that are:

1. Static Website.

2. Dynamic Website.

In Static Website the content are not change until it is rewritten by the content developer of developer in html page or web page.

In Dynamic website the content are changed through a back-end (database) connected through some language interface in a web-server. Whenever we change the database content then the content of the websites also change.

Well now come to HotSpot Website id that web site in which can edited and maintained through an interface which is also a web page of the site and no need of updating database through DBMS software interface because here we can update data & information directly login in the web-administration site page.

Women :

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Women :- What happens To world.

This is a crisis, rudeness toward women in the world.

rudeness to women

Is this force which are for security of women or people who treating a women like this. No I think this not them this there cruelty which due to feeling less to behavior toward people and they forget that they are also the Human being.


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this is the  site for free directory submission:…….

Lider Press Directory

Windows Server 2003 – Active Directory Users and Computer Management

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Windows Server 2003 – Active Directory Users and Computer Management

Guys These video can help U lot to do your practicals

Windows Server 2003 – Active Directory Installation

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Windows Server 2003 – Active Directory Installation

windows server 2003 active directory install

Helo This the video who interested in Server Administration